What system is Sales Cloud, a web based


is distinct about Salesforce CRM?

The Salesforce cloud is a Customer
Relationship Management (CRM) suite which helps business organisations to track
their business details up-to-date in a centralised platform rather than using
excels, presentations, PDF and more which wastes their valuable time. It is a easy
to use Cloud Computing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based business application.
The prime nucleus of Sales Force CRM system is Sales Cloud, a web based
application that helps companies to fulfil all business needs. One need not
purchase servers and infrastructure to install all the software. All you need
is a web browser with internet connection to access it like Gmail or any other sites.
It helps to stay strongly connected with customers and partners.

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Sales Cloud manages the contact information
to collaborate with the customers to finish the deals and grab more

Service Cloud allows the business
organisations to give world class customer service and track their activities to
solve their issues faster.

Marketing Cloud creates one to one
personalised journey for every customer.

Analytics Cloud is an intelligence platform
that revolutionize our understanding and help us making data-driven decisions

Community Cloud provides a platform for
employees, customers and partners to connect with themselves and each other by

App Cloud is a collection of development
tools to build, discover and run all your apps on sales force platform.

IoT Cloud allows users to process large
number of data, build rules with intuitive tools and engage with customers in
real time.


I am running a small firm, Can I use
Salesforce CRM?

        Companies of any size
across any industry can access it faster from anywhere even using their mobile phones.
Sales Force is the World`s No 1 CRM platform. It is the Customer Successful Platform
which connects with customers in a new digital way. It makes sense to have business intelligence software that gives the
business owner the accurate and useful information he needs to help grow his
business by identifying top customers, new social trends, bottlenecks, popular
products, successful campaigns, etc



Create Leads, Track Leads and close deals

Once first contact has been
made with a prospect this translates into a sales lead. The system prompts the
sales rep when new leads become available and the rep can quickly and easily
view all leads daily and schedule a time to contact prospects. It helps in,

·       Driving leads and managing opportunities


·       Tracking competitors

·       Reports and analytics

It streamlines the sales team’s job,
making the end-to-end process faster. With the increased efficiency in
conversions and closing deals plus the reduced effort on non-core activities,
sales professionals can build better rapport with leads and contacts, request
referrals and cross sell – increasing your bottom line in the short term
through quicker sales and in the long term through customer retention!

How effectual Sales Funnel would be?

The sales funnel is
important because it guides the sales and marketing efforts of a company. It
helps the company understand what the prospective customer is thinking at each
stage to work most effectively, and helps the customer combat the competition
as the customer narrows his or her options.

Unfortunately, many companies do not use
the sales funnel effectively. This may be because they do not fully understand
how the sales funnel should be used, or their sales pipeline is not effective,
which leads to inaccurate projections.

 Clearly defining each stage of the
sales funnel that works best for your company will help you understand how to
use it to your best advantage.

The sales funnel and data should be
evaluated regularly to make sure it provides accurate and relevant information
for the sales team. This includes information about the prospective customers
and where the customer is in the sales funnel (and the next step needed).
Additionally, customers who are no longer viable prospects should be removed
from the data so sales teams can focus on new and viable opportunities.





Response time matters!!

While chasing leads, calling
customers and managing demos, every minute counts. So how can you make the most
of your Salesforce CRM? We integrate salesforce platform with API so that we
can make and receive phone calls, and send and receive text messages in
salesforce itself. It helps in cut down service maintenance response time for