Secondly, family and struggled to survive. It took

the history of Jamaica is fascinating. Everyone knows Columbus founded Jamaica
in 1494, but some don’t know that Columbus found Jamaica on his second voyage,
“he had heard something during his first voyage, and on Saturday, May 3rd,
1494, he changed his course and sailed in the direction indicated” (Gardner,
1971). After Columbus founded Jamaica, in 1509, Jamaica was taken by the
Spanish under a license from Columbus’s son. A lot of the Arawak community died
from the exposure to the European diseases. Sadly, In 1655 a British expedition
captured Jamaica and began banishing the Spanish, that ended up successful in
five years. However, the slaves from the Spanish created communities and that
led to more slaves escaping from British plantations. The freed slaves by the
Spanish are called Maroons. In 1834 Slavery was obliterated. All the slaves
that were in the British Empire gained their freedom. Compensation to the slave
owners were payed by the British government. Finally, after years and years,
Jamaican gain their independence with Alexander Bustamante as prime minster. I
previously said that Jamaica was hit by a hurricane called Gilbert which was in
1988. 25% of Jamaica had no money, lots family and struggled to survive. It
took more than 300 million dollars to get Jamaica back on its feet. In 2010, dozens
of Jamaicans were killed in the process of trying to lock up the one and only
drug lord, Christopher Coke. January 2012, Jamaica became a republic after 50
years of their independence 1962.