Even followed to secure the data. the system

Even though cloud computing offers many benefits, there are
some challenges and concerns associated with cloud computing services in
several business organizations. Challenges to cloud come in different
severities depending on the organization. Some of the important challenges are
listed below.

1)  Security and Privacy :  When moving data the cloud, security is one
of the major concern. Because of potential theft of data and financial losses,
in some organizations the CEO’s and the directors are reluctant  when they have to hand over important data to
third party vendor. The cloud vendor must provide important information to
the  organization about how is it moved
to cloud, if the data is encrypted, security procedures followed to secure the
data. the system authentically, so it could fabricate the capability and
presentations of the association. A basic test is addressed by the security and
insurance of information.

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2)  Availability and Reliability :
It is important to monitor the availability and reliability of the data. Having
a documented SLA’s which describes the data availability 24/7 with no frequent

3)  Performance : Any application
with higher data intensive undergoes performance issues. Delivering complex
data over network requires sufficient bandwidth to overcome application

4)  Lack of Knowledge and skills :
In order to get an understanding on tools and to manage cloud solutions ,
resources in the organizations need to be capable with new procedures and
processes so many of the other operations and applications will move to cloud
over time.









computing services are implemented by several organizations across the world. With
the competition between the businesses, organizations tend to implement cloud
computing services which help them reduce operating costs and increase business
to move quickly and easily.  For small,
medium and large sized organizations, cloud computing service providers  support them the same way. Privacy, improved
security and cost reduction are the important factors that lead to use the
cloud services by organizations. Data sharing and collaboration is another
important factor for business needs which saves time and money for the
businesses. Adapting cloud technology has positive impact on the growth of a

computing services are adapted not only by the IT field but also by financial
businesses for their growth in businesses. Increased flexibility, scalability and
increased capacity are the other reasons for IT companies to implement cloud
computing services. Developing appropriate cost models to estimate the cost for
implementing cloud services helps organizations to avoid any cost risks. Another
important factor to be considered is the security of the cloud. Cloud system
must be effective and the information sent to user is encrypted and verified.

In conclusion, implementing cloud computing services benefits
business organizations and helps improve their market value without having to
invest or spend much amount on a new infrastructure. In the coming days, research
needs to be done regarding the laws that cloud computing vendors accept and
also about the services provided by them affect the organization’s structure .