1.Even passed between the two videos, why do

1.Even though a significant amount of time has passed between the two videos, why do you think the result is the same?

The results are the same because the public does not have adequate information regarding the Affordable Care Act. The policy makers have failed to provide enough awareness to the American citizens regarding the requirements and components of the ACA. Similarly, the American public is ignorant of the healthcare policies because they have not gone out of their way to acquire knowledge concerning the ACA. Additionally, their decisions are influenced by political perspectives, which makes it easy for some of them to prefer the ACA over Obamacare, yet they both mean the same thing. From the videos, the African Americans support Obamacare because it was introduced by a Black President while the Whites who did not like Obama argue that the ACA is better (Kimmel, 2013).

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2. Based on your knowledge do you believe those being interviewed truly represent the knowledge of the majority of American citizens or not? Be sure to explain your answer.

            Yes, the interviewees represent the general United States’ population because they come from different ethnicities, ages, genders, and classes. Hence, their opinions are sourced from various perspectives and influences. Jimmy Kimmel interviews the African Americans, Whites, men, women, young, and elderly to ensure that the responses stem from a multicultural group of respondents. The young people have no or little knowledge regarding health insurance because they can access it through their parents or do not see the need to purchase it. Other respondents are influenced by their political standings (Kimmel, 2017).


3. If you worked for government agency (whether it is local or national), what would you do to help improve the awareness of the healthcare laws?

If I worked for a governmental agency, I would educate the public using accessible and different forums, such as in the learning institutions, billboards, TV commercials, sending field scouts, public hospitals, amongst others. To promote public awareness, the information must be readily available for the American citizens. I would also use health information technology since it is the current trend in the healthcare industry to engage populations and expand the outreach of the medical services and records. The technologies and sites will address the gaps in accessibility and availability by enabling people to access confidential information easily.